An Inflating London

London is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and due to the number of foreign investors. This has a number of positive and negative impacts on the economy and while it has often been criticized for pricing out many of the locals who have to seek out alternative housing arrangements in other countries but within migratory distance. In fact the London retail market has more than doubled twice that of the national income as of last year. The typical value of the capital rose by from £63,000 reaching an average of £458,000. Call us old fashioned, but at Sirens London we care about value for money, which is why Sirens elite London escorts are stunningly beautiful and yet very affordable.

Properties in Britain rose in value by 9.1% up from 6.8 per cent, the vast majority of which, being in London. For those looking to get onto the property ladder face a very difficult task and face a 10.5 per cent more than they did over a year ago, with the typical price paid by first £192,000. The entertainment industry in the town very much reflected this also, some of the Michelin star restaurants and luxurious 5 star hotels are amongst the best in the world although do not come cheap. However we do not consider that to be necessarily value of money as it is not affordable to the average person.

At Sirens London we take a little longer than the average recruitment process would take, although we take great care in who we feel should represents our agency. By selecting only the most beautiful model London escorts we can be sure of only the best customer service for our customers. It is this care that has lead Sirens London to become one of the most reputable London escort agencies renowned for their elite London escorts.

While everything thing around us continues to rise, the cost of houses, the meals we eat, the beers we drink. However our high class escorts London will remain great value for money. They say the best things in life are free, well we know that is not true but everybody loves a bargain. Say no to inflation and high prices with a London escort agency that has only the most companions.

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