Tantra can Help You Reclaim Your Femininity

1471603208_staff_543_57b6e20889996_tnWomen have had it hard over the many years we’ve been around. Only recently were we allowed equal rights as men and more and more men are seeing us as their equals and not their inferiors. It wasn’t always like this though, no matter what you may think. There was a time when women were regarded as goddesses (quite literally) and were even superior to men in certain aspects. It only takes looking back a little to realize that women have always been associated with beauty and wisdom. Many older goddesses were able to navigate the seas of being beautiful and being intelligent without so much as a wink from their alluring eyes. However that has been lost but the power of women remains dormant in our hectic lives.

Tantric massages are a wonderful way for women to awaken their lost potential and for them to reclaim their rightful place both in the bedroom and in society. When a woman comes into a tantric massage London the experience tends to be a bit different than for a man. This is not only due to the fact that a woman has a different body than a man but because the teachings of Tantra for a woman are not the same. A man, with his male energy is the one that is going to be lead toward the goal of ecstasy but the woman is the one that always does the leading. So for a woman a tantric massage is about reminding her that she has the reigns of the situation and she can steer a male anywhere she pleases. While in our society women as seen as the meek flowers who are supposed to be conquered by a strong man in tantric massages it’s very different. A woman learns that she’s the powerful one in this area and that she requires respect and adoration. This doesn’t make the male’s role any less important in the sexual act but here a man learns to follow and a woman to lead. This will give women the confidence they need to take the world by storm and to become the seductress she holds inside.

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