The Best Museums London has to Offer.

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If you’re looking to chill out in some down time after a booking with a cheap London escort you can relax and learn simultaneously with a visit to one of London’s many amazing museums, there are really some amazing places in London and the museums are some of the finest the World has to offer. You can really learn a lot from walking around and exploring these amazing establishments which are literally perfect for anyone looking to gain a bit of extra knowledge about the history of the world. In this article I’m going to be explaining which of the many museums in London are my favourites and the reasons why they’re so amazing.

First of course we’re going to be talking about the Natural History Museum, a famous hotel within London offering free admission and some of the finest exhibits known to the natural world. With a full dinosaur skeleton filling the main hall it is easy to see why this museum is so popular and it really doesn’t stop there. There are so many other incredibly interesting exhibits here that you can really completely lose track of time and this makes it, in my opinion at least, one of the best museums in London.

Of course, no museum in England can even think about comparing to the British Museums, with some world famous exhibits that are well known for being the kind of artifacts that take your breath away, with things such as the world famous Rosetta Stone which has given us incomparable amounts of knowledge about Ancient Egypt, as it offers translations of Egyptian hieroglyphs into greek and latin, which has greatly increased our understanding and has basically been the basis of all Egyptology for many years and without this stone we would really struggle to learn anything about the last original wonder of the world that remains to this day.

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