The story of Belle

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A single wooden hanger hung on the middle rail, of a what seemed a lonely changing room. A garment of pure beauty adorned with sequins and chiffon pieces, glistening coral colour with glimmers of flashing gold.

Mya who was otherwise known as Belle by her ballroom friends sat back on the chèz lounge and admired her beautiful dress, custom made for her by her good friend Enrique. He works for a top boutique in London. Mya was known as Belle as she is the Belle of the ball, the ball being ballroom dancing.

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Belle, standing at a dainty 5ft 4 tall with a size 4 beautiful slim figure and perfectly toned limbs, her tanned skinned and flowing brunette hair was tumbled down her back. Belle resembles the famous Disney princess in her looks, grace and poise as a young woman. But Belle had more going on in her love life than a beast and a prince, Belle was caught between two worlds and two men. She was in two relationships; one was with Fredrick a much older man who she met through ballroom dancing.

Belle and Fredrick grew close when he became her dancing mentor through dance school. Their relationship remains a secret as Fredrick is not only married but also a respected teacher at the dance school and looked upon as a father figure and his own daughter. She too attends the dance school and is pretty much the resident ‘bitch’ of the school. Then there is Rob, who couldn’t be more different from Fredrick in both age and profession. Rob is in his 20’s and works as a runner for The X Factor with the production team. He is plain in comparison to Belle, even though Rob is a hard worker and keeps himself to himself and adores the ground that Belle walks on.

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As Belle stares at the dress, the dressing room door opens and Fredrick walks in, head to toe in a smart suit and his silver fox hair looking so sharp and cut to perfection. He looks down at Belle and says the dancing school has now closed and he has locked the doors. Belle knows this is their time to be intimate and Fredrick loves to please her first. Belle loves their quick times together as she gets the ultimate orgasm without the drama of being married to him. Fredrick is a feared man on the dance floor as he takes no prisoners and demands respect. Belle rushes home so she can watch her favourite show “Strictly Come Dancing”, ironic right? but what show would every aspiring ballroom dancer watch? As she reaches home and walks through the front door the noise she hears, is the infamous introduction tune of The X Factor. Belle rolls back her eyes and enters her front room. Rob is sitting on the sofa and has a Corona in his hand and a big smile on his face. “Seriously Rob are we going to have a Strictly Come Dancing Versus X Factor Argument again? Rob I only gave you my spare set of keys to ease your commute to work”, she said all this with a smile on her face as Rob being there is a comfort to her.

Belle needed to shower but wanted so much to watch her show, the wetness between her from where Fredrick went down on her in the dressing room reminded her that perhaps the shower needed more than Strictly Come Dancing….

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