Types of Meditation

Meditation is something most people think of and associate with hippies who grow out their hair and take trips to Thailand. It’s a practice that to1461419020_staff_543_571b7c0ce01a6 some seems absurd and like they could never go through. Even if the research is all there to point out how good meditation can be some of us still look at it with skepticism and simply find that it doesn’t fit into our lives to sit in quiet meditation for 30 minutes… But mediation isn’t just what you’ve been told it is… in fact there are many, many kinds of meditations out there and some may surprise you by their simplicity or even by their spiciness.

  • Yes, writing can actually be a very helpful and sincere form of meditation. The important part here is the fact you’re actively taking the time out of your day to sit with a journal or notebook to write down how you feel. This simple act, as long as it’s a conscious effort, is considered a very efficient form of meditation. If you add some purposeful breathing then it becomes much more complete.
  • Tantric massages. Yes, tantric massages from reputable agencies like Bespoke Tantric, are an actual way of meditation and they come with a long list of health benefits. By focusing on the actions of another, by allowing your body to feel pleasure and focusing on that you’re letting go of the things around you and making this moment about you and your connection to your body and another person’s. This form of mediation is wonderful for people with ADD or ADHD who find the idea of complete silence and sitting still much more nightmare-ish than dreamy.
  • Sometimes you just want to let off some steam and just find the need to move. Dancing, much like writing, can then become your own form of meditation. It takes you out of yourself and the world around you and for a moment you truly are just connected with your body and your inner self. It’s also a great way to burn calories!

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