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So Vanity Fair has brought us the first glimpse of Bruce Jenner as a woman! I can believe it, there I am searching through the Daily Mail and I am hit with that whopper, what a shocker, “ Call me Caitlyn” as least he has done it in style and lets be honest, she seems happy, its such a shame that we have lost such a great member of a great family but a new person has been born.

What Does the Daily Mail Have to Say About This? A photograph of caitlyn jenner

The Daily Mail, the on line version, says that step daughter Kim, who is pregnant!! Where have I been! When did that happen? Why didn’t any body tell me? How come I have seen this before, I am more shocked about this than the Bruce/Caitlyn thing.

I have got to be honest I think that she is very brave, I will refer to her from now as Caitlyn, its only right, I mean there still is, even in this open minded day and age a stigma about it all, even with all the hate that we have in the world someone is picked upon for trying to be themselves.

If you are not happy then you should change, Caitlyn is hurting any body at all.

Caitlyn is a Strong Woman much Like the Rachaels London Escorts A professional image of one of our London escorts from Rachaels London escorts called Casa

The Vanity Fair spread is very brave and she looks good, not my type, I like my ladies a bit younger, check out Rachaels London escorts Agency and you will see the types of women that I chase after, but I can understand why men and women would find her attractive.

Lets not forget Caitlyn is 65 now, or is she 1? I am not sure how to say that correctly? Caitlyn Jenner has also set up a Twitter account, which has already been verified, I must get my account verified, but I am not sure that I would get as many followers as her even if I put on a dress.

This is a brave thing to do an no matter what your thoughts on the subject are you have got to respect what Caitlyn has done.

Her daughters and step daughters support her and are happy for her and to be honest does any body else really matter, I know that my family and the most important people in my life and I love them and they love me, much like Caitlyn would hers.

I wonder what the future is going to bring for this very brave lady and I look forward to watching it all unfold on the TV.


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