What would be the best way to describe a high class escort?

What would be the best way to describe a high class escort? Would it be best to say that the lady in question was very posh? Would it be an idea to say that the escort was very expensive? I would say that both of these were wrong, I would say that it more about the way that the lady in question holds herself, the air that she gives off and the way that she makes people feel.


When we think o high class we think of the best, sometimes the most expensive isn’t the best! Just because you are posh does not mean that you are top of the game now does it?

Let me give you two examples, take for instance Reya – a delightful Eastern European lady, of course she is an escort – you can see that from her pictures, now at £150 for a 1 hour incall she is far from expensive, in fact I would say that she is a steal, a stunning looking lady who makes you feel at home as soon as she sees you, she treat you like an old friend, within a minute you are right at home. Now after an hour of divine pleasure would you say that she is cheap? Or would you say she was the best that you have had? Remember highclass is all about the best

On the other hand there is Elle, another lovely lady, she is more expensive, she is from Britain but spent a great deal of her time growing up in Australia and therefore speaks with an accent, she is a lady, pure heaven and will show you a great time. Another high-class escort!

When we talk about being high-class are we really just putting a label on something that should not be labeled? May that is a little deep!

Here is a thought; Instead of talking about high class London escorts shall we just talk about amazing London escorts? Would that not be a better way to put things? Would that not be the best way to describe these girls? When you look at it on paper it sure does sound more interesting, perhaps that could be a way to look at it, how interesting is the lady?

I am not to sure about you but I can hand on heart say that I have meet up with some very interesting ladies in my time and I can not wait to meet up with a load more!

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