Which Hotels Are Great For a Booking With Sirens?

Couple VIP are UK based Couple Escorts London, dedicated to providing unbeatable customer service and unforgettable experiences in the capital. They are available to single men and women as well as couples making them highly approachable and perfect for anyone looking to embark on an unique and intimate adventure. Almost certainly the finest London couple escorts, which brings me to my point, which is to help you decide which hotel is the perfect place for you to have an exciting and enjoyable experience with their stunning ladies.

afternoon-tea-for-two-14140919The first hotel on my list is an obvious one, the Ritz. This is one of the most famous London hotels and it goes without saying that this is a hotel which is almost going to guarantee you a successful evening, with some of the finest room service as well as some of the most luxurious rooms that can be found in the whole of the capital. This is why the Ritz is the right place for you to experience everything that Couple VIP can offer.

If you’re looking for somewhere a little bit less pricey while still offering amazing rooms, you can always count on Hotel 41. This extremely high class hotel is a great place for a booking with Couple VIP thanks to the level of class that these rooms exude. This is a hotel that leaves an impression upon you, being located just across the road from Buckingham palace just gives this hotel an air of sophistication which seems to be exactly what high class couple escorts are looking for exactly.MASCHERONI-Hotel-shangri-la-copia

Alternatively however, there are other options such as the Shangri-La Hotel in London, which is an amazing place for you to stay on your first time visiting London, thanks to the unmatched views from the upper floor rooms. These are rooms that are great for you to see the whole way across London, giving you an even better view than from the top of the London Eye.

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